About Us

La Galpa’s mission is to reinvest and reinvent the emotional bond between a woman and her wardrobe by conjoining stylistic timelessness and ecological sustainability.

Neither basics nor classics, La Galpa clothes express profound love for beauty, respect for nature, and delight in the unexpected, becoming a woman’s new essentials.

Our clothes are designed to sublimate women’s bodies and to last through the changing times of their lives. They are the gift to which a woman treats herself and someday passes on, like inheritance or an invitation to another woman to show her truest, most beautiful self.

A vision by Angelina Trapani and Lucie Guigal, La Galpa was born from a long-lasting frienship of two similar souls and two opposite brains.

In our friendship, in the way we talk, in our affinities, the people we choose and the places we love - we’ve always been “all in” - that’s how we picture La Galpa.


A charisma that resonates through time. A persona of a lighthearted and deep woman of taste. Freely combining integrity and versatility, with no need for justification.

She is us and you are her.

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La galpa revelation
a woman meets her full potential

assured, luminous, and sensual
goes without saying-
nomadic yet anchored
in the softness of fabrics and
strength of convictions
wearing elegance that conceals,
reveals and conceals

her skin,
those angles and curves
drawing the geometry of her

nocturnal bird of the early sun,
dancing with the earth and its
heavenly creatures.

La galpa threads
equilibrium with paradox
preparing for spontaneity, racing for patience
she, the gifted
offering others and herself
the present of right now and
the pleasure of waiting
woven into timelessness,

The gift of transmission.