We all have an iconic person who inspires us, and it’s clearly not unusual for it to be our grandmother.

Mine is the definition of paradox, nothing fits into boxes when it’s about her.

Everything is about mystery.

She has different names on each of her passports, her natural hair colour is highly confidential, she has different phone numbers and always whispers when she picks up the phone.

She cooks like no one but will never share a recipe, she loves to (literally) break the walls of her apartment and she can't stand the concept of routine.

She can be all by herself in every single part of the world without ever being lost in translation.
She has that gift to tell stories with passion and always puts storytelling on top of everything as she often laughs and cries from one second to the next.

She doesn’t have habits except her singularity.

Everything is black or white, grey has never been an option.

To no one’s surprise, what she likes the most is fashion.

From the subtlety between two similar colours, to a tiny yarn of one fabric, through crazy bold designs, she likes everything about it.

Her style is unique without one single misstep, and it has always been the first reason why she is admired.

That kind of woman you come across and will never forget for better or for worse…

She is our definition of modernity, she never looks back, never judges anyone and never seems overwhelmed by anything new.

She embraces change, she grows and feeds herself with it.

She brings her personal touch to everything she wears and makes it unique.
As the fairy godmother she transforms everything into a masterpiece.

She is La Galpa genesis.

Hidden in the fashion treasures I inherited from her, I’ve found those amazing knit pieces.
As they were for her and later on for my mother, they became my “new essentials”. I would wear them during holidays under the sun, or in my cold dear Paris. For a busy day or for endless parties at night. Barefoot or with heels, anyhow!

Those close to me had always borrowed them and keep asking for more…

…The gift of transmission, as we have well said.

Angelina Trapani