Tech to good use

The choice of 3D allows us to put tech to good use, optimizing the development process by minimizing the waste of materials.

For a more sustainable conception and an efficient time optimization, the era of the never-ending-prototyping-process should be over.

We have designed and developed our entire collection in 3D, and the advantages are multiple.

For example, a color change that would have required a brand new prototype only takes a few second, the same goes for the sizing adjustments.

Therefore, each product is represented in 3D, adjusted on each avatar that we have designed especially to present our clothes on our website.

Indeed, 3D gave us full possibilities to enhance our tribe.

These avatars became our very first customers, they sublimate our collection and embody perfectly La Galpa.

Let us introduce you to Vivian, Iris, and Isola.

They are real, they have a voice and a story to tell.

We can’t wait for you to meet them.

the future is now,
and for once,

it feels so good.